September 16, 2010

Pictures from Oregon

I mentioned before that the boy and I went to Oregon in August.

Past Los Angeles, past AV, out into the So Cal farmland, we came upon acres upon acres of feedlots.  I did not take a picture, but the smell was vile.  Boy and I grew up used to less intensive farming.  Tillamook, for all its cheese production, at least does not have dairy cows stacked up against each other the way these Californian factories had.  Cow smell is never this intense where we come from.  Cows don't wade in their own shit.  I can see why many people would not believe in factory farms until they saw them.  And yet, most cheese and meat comes from factory farms like these.  Ugh.  Fucking disgusting.

You can tell we're almost in Oregon.  It's Mt Ashland, fringed in green.

In the Tillamook forest...

My parents' stylish cat:

Her stylish paws...

And for the food content, apple picking!

Dappled red and green gravenstein apples!  We could pick them right off the branch for 85 cents a pound - not bad!  Although tart, they were flavorful.  They made a fantastic pie.

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