February 15, 2010


Lacking a standalone digital camera, a career, and a neighboorhood with decent culture, this apartment-dweller seeks to make up for the "lacks" and instead dwell upon the "how tos" and the "loves" and the "thank goodness fors."

I've been meaning to start a vegan food blog for some time--if only as a way to keep track of the meals I make for and with my friends, family, and my fiercely omnivorous boy, D.

As for me, and us:

I went vegan in January 2009.  My family enjoys food.  Hearty, traditional foods like flesh, cow's milk, eggs.  They have never discussed ethics of veganism with me, and my extended family refuses to try even the most decadent and delicious and innocuous vegan dishes.  I was afraid that the boy would be less than understanding (and even less open to trying recipes), but I was relieved to find him willing to give things a shot.  We moved in together about six months ago and now dwell in a conservative suburbian wasteland, with me commuting 2 hours each way to work in Los Angeles and him working 15 hour days at grad school to become a practicing mathemaphysician and Knower of Arcane Things.

As for the blog:

I want to make nommable things that don't involve violence upon animals (excepting, perhaps, the occasional cook getting hit with a spoon).

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