April 08, 2010

Pita and farmers market hummus

Last weekend, we picked up some amazing cilantro and jalepeno hummus from the farmers' market, a rare splurge since it is $4 for a small container!
But alas, we had no chips.  So despite the heat, I decided to whip up a batch of pita!  This was my first time making pita, so I didn't know what recipe to use or if it would turn out.  Fortunately, pita was actually really easy to make.
Through-the-oven-window pita puff action!

And fresh and quickly eaten:
Soft, fresh, would add a little more oil next time so they would keep soft longer.  The recipe made 10 pita (only two survived until the next day) which were best hot from the oven.  I haven't heard the boy rave about anything so much since we made pizza.  Sigh.

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