April 15, 2010

Review: The Cravings Place Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix

Yes, it's another review of a mix from The Cravings Place.  This time, it's the cinnamon coffee cake.

Coffee cake is always fantastic.  My only caution is that the topping was very dry.  Like kitty litter dry.  I added the correct amount of margarine to the topping mix, but it was much like sand.  Hoping it would be magically absorbed into the rest of the batter, I sprinkled it on.  It remained powder.  I pretended to ignore this.
Despite the sandy top, the coffee cake was pretty delicious.  It reminded me of a cinnamon donut.  It was quickly devoured, and I have the notion to make a coffee cake from scratch.  Perhaps a cardamom coffee cake.  With swirls of preserves.  We shall see.

Now is also the time to discuss my distaste for Californian strawberries.  The discussion goes like this: "Even the ones from the farmers market taste like goddamned wet styrofoam.  I make no apologies to Californians, because you are the ones willingly consuming this not-berry."

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