May 01, 2010

Barbecue sauce on seitan and some other random things

I'm at the boy's office as they debate approaches to electromagnetics problems, so I was sorting through photos from the past week.  Here's a quick thing we had: seitan with store-bought barbecue sauce.  Tasty things don't have to be gourmet, but it wasn't the most impressive thing:

But!  We made it to the farmer's market today and got some pea greens.  Can't wait to figure out something to make with them.  I also can't wait to escape this office.  The air conditioner has been on "Deafening" for the past hour despite the relative chilliness of the room.  I like how the admin of this place whines about saving money but maintains 24-hour Ice Blast Ann Coulter's Breast Cold levels.  And by "like" I mean, "I dislike," because it causes the boy to whine and crank.

Unfortunately, we also stopped at Trader Joe's and got some maple leaf cookies.  I say unfortunately because I've already had a couple.  SUGAR LEVELS CRITICAL.

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