May 06, 2010

Orange Noms from the Greens Cafe and an Orange Tomato

Leftover Orange something of Joy from the Greens Cafe in Irvine, CA.  Holy crap.  The service wasn't spectacular this last time...but the food was so tasty.  I also had some ultra-rich cheesecake and got to try their carrot was so good.  It was like a crunchy cinnamony cookie on top and moist cake beneath.  The entree I got was gluten, mushrooms, and cauliflower fried and then tossed with orange sauce, onions, and bell peppers.  So, so good.
I had to turn on the flash because it was dark out.  But I had to show you the very orange tomato.  It finally went into the 80s and now the tomatoes seem crazy happy.  We've got inch worm things eating some of the leaves though.  Come on tomatoes, don't die!

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