March 15, 2010

Does a Casserole Count?

Although certainly not accurate enough to use in equations, Pi Day has arrived along with DST.  And I forgot, so no pie! (Although we did end up making more pizza. The boy is obsessed.)

The boy and I usually try to make up a big pot of soup or a pasta dish or some pizzas to eat during the week. We usually leave early in the morning and get home around 730 or 8, so having premade food prevents us from eating popcorn and oatmeal for dinner.  Well, okay, I still usually have popcorn for dinner a couple times a week, but there have been some late nights recently.  Oops.

We already have a bunch of soups frozen, so I scrounged around and made an "everything" casserole with biscuits.  A giant russet, a couple vegan bratwurst, some pinto beans, celery, an onion (a precious one, since apparently we are having an onion shortage), two big carrots, soy milk, nutritional yeast, parsley, oregano, salt and pepper, and some biscuit dough all went into making this unphotogenic might-as-well-be-pot-pie-for-Pi-Day monstrosity:

Yes, that is a little bit of sausage at the corner there. It's too bad that biscuit topping looks so much like vomit, because this was total comfort food.  I don't get people who criticize vegan food as "looking icky" or whatever excuse they give not to try something; it's not like a meaty cheesy shepherd's pie ever looked any more glamorous.

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