March 30, 2010

Peanut Butter Cookie mix from The Cravings Place

My parents recently sent a box of goodies from Oregon, including a couple mysterious "baking mixes" from The Cravings Place, a gluten free, wheat free, egg free, and dairy free company in Bend, Oregon.  I don't have any allergies or intolerances, and I usually bake from scratch, but I thought it was nice to be able to sample new vegan products.

Despite 80-something-degree weather, I decided to try the Peanut Butter Cookie mix this weekend.  This mix is actually nut free, so you could add sunflower butter or some other nut butter alternative.  I used Earth Balance for the margarine and low-fat cheapo store brand peanut butter.  The package cautions that you may need to add water for the mix to come together, and I added about a half cup or so to create a workable dough.

The result:

I also made a few with blackberry jam, and a few that I lazily did not press with a fork:
Overall, I think this cookie mix was handy and delicious.  I wouldn't say it was easier than baking from scratch, but it certainly was handier than having to buy gluten free flours, which I don't keep around in large quantities.  It was also an excellent excuse to make cookies.

My parents also sent me a brownie mix from The Cravings Place, so I'll be testing that in the coming weeks.

Also, a tomato update:
Come on little plant ovaries!

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