March 08, 2010

Vegan Calzone and Tomatoes of Tomorrow

This past weekend, the boy's former college roommate came to visit.  There was much Rockband, D&D, and cooking!

How it began:

Then, a thing:
The night our guest arrived, we made pizza!  They made a meaty gigantarrific pizza and shared it, while I made a mini calzone with onions, mushrooms, nutritional yeast, and homemade vegan bratwurst.

And I smiled.

The next day, we made chili with some beefy Gardein thrown in, because why not?  I usually like using homemade seitan, but this stuff was pretty good and even the skeptical omnivorous guest seemed to enjoy it.  I made a batch of cornbread from the Joy of Vegan's definitely my new favorite cornbread recipe, nice and moist.

Also, we got a for realsies digital camera!  So I took some photos of our tomatoes as they enjoyed some a SoCal "rainstorm" (known elsewhere as a "drizzle").

An heirloom beefsteak of mystery:
Our droopy Early Girl, bush variety:
And the super fast growing Sweet 100!  When we got it, it was the smallest saddest plant of the bunch, but now it's the tallest and is over two feet tall already:

And now a week of grant writing and maybe, just maybe working a bit on the webcomic begins.  Cheers!

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