July 16, 2010

Kung Pao Mushrooms

Kung Pao sauce.




Simple Batter

(3/4 c cornstarch / 1/4 c soy sauce / 3 tbsp nutritional yeast / water mixed until non-Newtonian)


It has come to my attention that nonvegans think that vegan food is often fried to make it taste good.  This post is not representative of most plant-based food, don't judge - eek!

Don't look at this, it is definitely not mushrooms and tofu sitting in oil, definitely not, no sir.

Next time, I would pre-cook the mushrooms in some dry way like roasting.  The mushrooms came out of the pan all crispy and nice, but after sitting a little while, they went slightly soft.  The boy posits: the water from the mushrooms steamed the crispy coating. 

I would also attempt a homemade sauce next time.

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