July 24, 2010

Why Progressives Hate Vegans: Part One

Vegans are embarrassing.  They take the bleeding heart liberal thing to a new level by extending their compassion to (gasp) other things that bleed.  They hate humans, because anyone who seeks to prevent violence and cruelty toward animals can't possibly have enough time or empathy to also care about humans.  They just want attention with their special dietary needs.  They're health freaks - even the ones who bake calorific cupcakes.  When asked why they are vegan, they give answers such as, "I think it is unethical."  They shouldn't go preaching like that, even when asked direct questions.  They have to stop talking about animal intelligence, emotions, and compassion, because it's not macho.  Killing things is macho.  Progressivism is about being macho, because if progressives aren't macho enough to out-macho the conservatives, then they will lose ground among conservatives.  Because compassion is gendered, and femininity and love and caring are all passe.  Vegans are just so embarrassing.  That's one of the reasons why progressives hate vegans.


  1. nothing worse than a generalization, leesa

  2. I eat vegan purely for progressive political reasons, especially because of the environmental effects of eating meat. But, admitted, I do find that folks in general find veganism vaguely threatening, I think because, frankly, they like to eat meat and they don't want to hear anything that will make it more difficult morally to eat meat.

    I never get on people's cases about eating anything except endangered fish. Check out my blog for details about that.