June 18, 2010

Dave's Killer Bread and Mail!

I miss Dave's Killer Bread.  Farmer's market fresh, complete with free samples... oh man.  Really delicious.  The recipe for basic whole wheat bread is available online complete with step-by-step video instructions straight from Dave himself here!  I make this recipe everyone once in a while, but this time I made a messy braid of it:

This recipe makes a lovely, dense soft loaf.  I added flax and a handful of cracked wheat to the basic recipe, and it turned out really tasty and hearty.  Perhaps it would make good french toast?

My awesome friend and I have been exchanging packages this last year or so.  She is so awesome and has sent me amazing baked goods and random thrift store finds and all sorts of things!  This time I remembered to take pictures!

She sent pumpkin puree!  We haven't had this around here since last Christmas, so this is a real treat.  I'm so excited,  I don't know what to make first.  Pancakes?  Muffins?  Pumpkin cheesecake?!

And a pawprint stamp.  Time to get some markers/ink and graffiti something up.


She's always trying to get me to eat animals ;-)  These are pancake molds, but I was thinking it might be cool to use them to make tarts too?  Especially since we have peaches and cherries and berries this time of year.  I wonder if they are oven safe...

So, thank you for the mail!  Time to have some fresh killer bread...

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