June 11, 2010

Mock Crab Cakes, a work in progress

With a half block of old tofu in the fridge, I figured it was time to try making something that's been on my mind for a while: crab cakes, veganized.  The idea emerged from this somewhat strange stuff:

Soy floss?  A coworker gifted me this bag of "soya floss" a few weeks ago, and I've been determined to make something with it besides "soy floss on rice."  It is a little like textured vegetable protein with bits of seaweed and sesame seeds in it and is a lot like furikake in flavor and function.  It also happens to taste a lot like fish.

But in a good way, really!  Don't run away!

I mixed some of this soy floss with crumbled tofu, a bit of lemon juice, some panko, oatmeal, paprika, salt, and then formed them into patties.  I coated the patties in panko, then baked.  If I was serving these to guests, I would have probably fried them, but they came out crispy and tasty even from the oven:

I still need to tweak some things.  Soy floss : tofu ratio must be increased.  More/different seasonings.  Probably more oil.  But, if you manage to see soy floss (I'm told it's a rare product) you might give it a try.

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