June 29, 2010

Swedish Tea Ring

The Swedes know how to do it.  By "it," I mean tea.  Here is the evidence:

Cinnamon rolls?  Yes, of a fashion.  But so much more.  It's a swedish tea ring.

Vaguely shaped like an Oregon coast sunstar (colloquially known as "those goddamned big starfish"), the Swedish tea ring is a pastry that is mostly cinnamon roll but all awesome.  I do realize that cardamom would make this even more Swedish, but I didn't want to experiment with guests on the way.  Same goes for nuts.  This could use some serious walnus.  Swedish tea rings are also awesome because you can easily cut one into smaller-than-average slices of cinnamon roll goodness, thus encouraging guests to consume more of it.


I dislike bready, sweet leftovers.  One day of indulgence is enough for me.  Rest assured, these are incredibly decadent.  Topped with Tofutti cream cheese frosting, tender, and oozing with sugary cinnamon filling, this goodness is outrageously sugarly but not so much tha you get that fuzzy sugary tongue feeling.  Which is even more dangerous, because it's easy to eat 2-3 slices.

There were only a couple "rolls" left at the end of Rockband night, so that's a win.  Om nom.

I really think it would make great French toast.  That'll be next time.

It's a spaceship - it's a starfish - it's a Swedish pastry out of controllllllllll.


  1. It looks amazing! But...where is the recipe?!?! :)

  2. I am an idiot... I used this recipe, but added cardamom!