November 06, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Bootses

It was raining a couple weeks ago, and I rediscovered that wet shoe feeling.  I usually wear cheap flip flops or a pair of very not-waterproof canvas vans.  It was also my birthday, so I had a little extra cash to spend on a pair of boots!  

I'm usually inclined to go for the "so cheap not made of animals" route and get something crappy and uncomfortable ...but this time I looked at places like mooshoes to get an idea about what brands to investigate.  The thing I dislike about mooshoes is that they often don't have my size - or maybe they just sell out quickly.  I found boots in my size at Zappos.  And they're rad!

They're Hanuku boots by Blowfish!

The other side.  They're slouchy zippy buckly boots with a purple interior.  Very comfy.  I did have to size up to an 11 though...the reviews all said to size up, and they were right.  

Of course, now it's 90 degrees and I'm back to sandals...but I'm prepared!

You know what is great in hot weather?  This.

I eat this stuff like crazy.  I'll have to figure out how to make it.  Pickled ginger is not just for sushi... it's for...everything.  Ahhhhhh.

In other news, a rhinovirus has got me sniffly and unwell, so I can't do my usual Friday evening volunteering at the animal shelter :(  I miss the cats but I don't want to infect the other volunteers and staff.  So time for a nap, bis spaeter.

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