November 09, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Fronch Toast

The whining bit: I'm really struggling to photograph using the camera in my smart phone.  It isn't spectacular, and I run out of space quickly so that I have to keep deleting shots.  It's also been very dark by the time I get home to make food, so my dim kitchen lighting isn't helping.

I'm savin' up for a camera, but the Americorps wages don't really permit much in the way of that, and I'd rather save my money for Christmas gifts!

On to the food...

I have never had vegan French toast, but the recent purchase of a big wok made the boy think of crepes, French toast, and all the good things that can be made in woks.  I pulled out the fabled Isa "Fronch toast" recipe and went at it...

But crap, I didn't have chickpea flour.  I used soy flour instead.  I think this was one of the things that would ultimately lead to my downfall.

The toast, it is Frenched.

The toast, it is flipped.

The toast, it is plated.

But the toast... was bland.  The texture was nearly right, but dang.  Needed salt.  Needed a more proteiny flavor.  Maybe a fattier nondairy milk would have been better.  But it needed lots of jam.  Boy agreed.  Crap.  I had high hopes.  Maybe it was the lack of chickpea flour.  Argh.

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  1. I've never made my own French toast & I already have chickpea flour - I should probably get on that asap.