November 16, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Cookbooks and DIY Christmas Gifts

Good morning!  Let's talk about cookbooks!

My cookbook collection is by no means an exhaustive library of cookbookery, but I definitely use these books a lot, if only to flip through for ideas and awesome photos!

I don't use the Peta's Vegan College Cookbook much, mostly because I find that the recipes rely heavily on pre-packaged and processed ingredients that are generally way out of my budget.  My first cookbook was the Veganomicon and my latest is Nonna's Italian Kitchen - both awesome books.  I find that Vegan with a Vengeance is my go-to book when cooking for omnivores...chocolate chip cookies and pizza dough, anyone?  Eventually it would be nice to get a more general cookbook that discusses techniques more than recipes, a Betty Crocker/Joy of Cooking book or some other encyclopedic volume.

Meanwhile, I've compiled my own little mini cookbook for the holidays that I'll be handing out to family and friends.  I don't have a lot of money at the moment, but I thought it'd be nice to give out something other than candy and baked goods.
I'm hoping to print this on card stock.  I was too lazy to illustrate, so I grabbed some 200-year-old random engravings and photoshopped them to be vaguely holidayish.

Jaunty pirates can be festive too...

Anyway, hope I'm not coming off as too much of a cheapskate, but when you are literally just breaking even each month, it can be pretty stressful to have to think about gifts... even when gift giving is so much fun.  Sigh.


  1. I think that is a wonderful idea. It is thoughtful and gives them recipes they can make at home. I may have to "borrow" it.

  2. Vegetarian Joy of Cooking =

    Is not vegan, but looooots of the recipes are, or seem like they could be adapted fairly easily. Everything I've cooked from this is amazing. And it tells you everything about everything!!

  3. If they have it at Powell's in a few weeks, I will finds it. (yay powell's)